Robert Thompson - Artist

Welcome to my Website!

My current artistic focus is portrait art.

You can buy my portrait artwork originals, prints or even commission your own artwork!

My style of artwork intends to create a bright exhuberant focal point for any room.

Do you have a favourite photograph that you wish was an artwork?

Would you like to get a surprise portrait for a loved one?

(I have realistic portrait prices not OTT ones 😉

Einstein Portrait drawing

Portrait Commissions - Enquire Here

Why not work on a personal artwork with Robert Thompson?

An artist with a proven track record - References available on request.

Clear costs are provided at the start

50% deposit when agreed on image, 50% when you have seen agreed final artwork.

Payments through PayPal - (Security for both of us)

Other Payment Options / Installments are available
upon written agreement.

Main forms of payment - Paypal / Credit Cards

Current Exhibition at Osckars Cafe

273 Acton Lane, London, W4 5DG
7am - 5pm

Commission Artwork

Free discussion

When it comes to portraiture, I feel there’s no better way to capture the subtle nuances of a person than in a piece of artwork. I’ve been practicing my craft for some time now and after much success, I’ve decided to create this website to share with you the work I do and to provide you with a look at what goes on in the creative process. 

Thanks – R. Thompson 

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