Johnson Beharry VC

My Story: 

Art had always been my favourite subject at school, the only subject I truly enjoyed. I went through the usual GCSEs, A Levels, then went to art college and onto university where I received an honorary degree in Art History and 3D design. 

I then went into sound and light design for a decade, before starting work in the construction industry, where I now work as a Training and Development manager. 

Why I started my artwork:

In order to aid my recovery from an accident in 2014, I decided to restart drawing. After developing a Twitter account, I was surprised with the amount of great feedback I started getting for my artwork, so after my recovery, I carried on with my artwork to this day.

I am getting regular commissions from clients, exhibiting paintings and selling my hobby of painting icons of past and present. I’ve had various exhibitions in Mayfair, Camden and Southwark,  when permitted I hope to get back to doing more of these later this year! 

My artwork hangs in Osckar’s Cafe Bistro  – 273 Acton Lane, W4 5DG.

They have fantastic food too !

I really love creating artwork and believe that by using vibrant colours and bold contrasts within my artwork, I can create striking works of art to grace any wall.

One of my favourite memories – presenting Johnson Beharry VC with his portrait in 2017