Re-Birth of Art

“We all need more art in our lifes. The walls we look at every day need a splash of art and colour to remind us of the joys of life. It is up to artists to provide the visual narrative for the journey ahead. My artwork aims to bring colour, vibrance and an uplifting feeling to any room it is placed within.”

Robert Thompson 2021



Being commissioned for any artwork in an honour to carry out.
Some of my favourite moments as an artist are not when I have finished a difficult painting, but in the nuances of peoples emotions when they see their own finished artwork. 

I have completed numerous commissions to date and take the upmost of care that you will be fully briefed before we start the process of your commission for no cost. £0

You will briefed on all costs, delivery and aftercare, before the artwork commences.

I can cater for any image of any subject and most sizes. 

If you want your own piece of unique artwork get in touch here: